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The vineyards of Ghemme

Delicious minerality


The territory of the Novara hills is unique in terms of geological and morphological characteristics, the morainic-alluvial soils have a greater loamy-clay component in the lower part of the hill; they are slightly looser in the upper part, with clays, sand and pebbles that characterize the layer of the soil in which the roots of the vine sink.
In our vineyards located in the heart of the Novara hills, within the hilly area of the municipalities of Ghemme and Sizzano, the acid reaction soil gives minerality and freshness to the grapes, with consequent “verticality” of the wines we produce.

Natural wine

In the younger vineyards - the 'Carelle' area - we grow the vines with high planting density using the simple Guyot, while in the older vineyards - 'Cavenago' and 'Rossini' - the double Guyot is preferred. This type of plant allows the improvement of the growth of the bunches and the plant.

The vineyards are planted with only the typical vines of the area - Nebbiolo, Vespolina and Uva Rara - and managed directly by the family.

Since 1986, in collaboration with the University of Milan, we have been operating by limiting the environmental impact as much as possible, with the ' Guided and Integrated Fight ' technique.

thus respecting the naturalness of the grapes and the surrounding environment.

Organoleptic characteristics


Color: intense garnet red with brick reflections after long maturation

Smell: intense characteristic perfume of violets, with spicy, ethereal and licorice hints

Taste: tannic and particularly structured taste, good acidity with a bitterish finish in the mouth.

The blend with Uva Rara (grape variety included in the specification together with Vespolina) softens the tones of the Nebbiolo which is the main grape of this DOCG.

Wine produced with Nebbiolo (Spanna biotype) and Vespolina (up to a maximum of 15%) and / or possibly Uva Rara (Bonarda Novarese) vines. Minimum alcoholic strength 12%.

Aging for a minimum of three years, of which at least twenty months in oak barrels and at least nine months in the bottle.
It can be designated on the label with the mention "Riserva" if it derives from grapes with a natural alcoholic strength of at least 12.5% ​​and has been subjected to an aging period of four years, of which at least twenty-five months in wooden barrels and at least nine months in the bottle.

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