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To those who, over a glass of our good wine, ask us why our company is called 'Mirú', we like to tell about a very distant time when - as we read in some writings of the '500 - a family of winemakers originally from Arluno and called 'Mirú, it cultivated its vineyards in the territory of Ghemme.

However, making wine for the Arlunno family was a passion and, since true passion smolders like fire under the ashes, in 1978 dad Eugenio bravely decided to give new life to the business. Time, despite the slow rhythm of nature and the course of the seasons, has decreed its success.


As we can read in some writings dating back to the 1500s, in Arluno, a town in the upper Po valley, lived a family of winemakers, originally from that place, who already cultivated their vines in the territory of Ghemme.

Our strength



We organize tastings of our wines, with the combination of typical local products. We also make visits to the vineyard to make our territory live in close contact.


In our vineyards, in the heart of the Novara hills, within the hilly area of the municipalities of Ghemme and Sizzano, the acid reaction soil gives minerality and freshness to the grapes.


Produciamo principalmente vini rossi, come il Ghemme DOCG, provenienti solo da vitigni autoctoni e da uve Nebbiolo;

vinifichiamo inoltre un bianco ed un rosato.

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We are lovers of our territory, unique of its kind, which binds us particularly to this land. We have always considered ourselves winemakers, ever since the books bear memory of it and since then we have wine in our blood, wine that we produce first of all for passion.


In the younger vineyards - the 'Carelle' area - we grow the vines with high planting density using the simple Guyot, while in the older vineyards - 'Cavenago' and 'Rossini' - the double Guyot is preferred. This type of plant allows the improvement of the growth of the bunches and the plant.

The vineyards are planted with only the typical vines of the area - Nebbiolo, Vespolina and Uva Rara - and managed directly by the family. Since 1986, in collaboration with the University of Milan, we have been operating by limiting the environmental impact to the maximum with the 'Guided and Integrated Fight' technique, thus respecting the naturalness of the grapes and the surrounding environment.

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